Dimension Champions

This page provides information and resources relating to the Dimension Champions for the Dover District Area

In order to meet the high level of SEMH needs presenting in Dover, Deal and Sandwich schools, in 2016 the district LIFT Executive  introduced a ‘Champions’ model based on the successful experience of programmes run elsewhere in the county and further afield.  This involved a multi-session course of enhanced training delivered locally to equip participating staff with the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to lead on SEMH within their place of work.  There have been two cohorts of SEMH Champions from local schools, with a third cohort currently in training,  and the feedback from participating schools has been really positive.

Due to the success of the SEMH Champions programme we have widened the model to include other dimensions: ASD Champions and Sensory Champions.

It is envisaged that Champions will be the first point of contact for schools to support their children with SEMH, ASD and Sensory needs prior to a LIFT referral. In time the further expectation is that a network of expertise will be established within and across individual LIFT groups so that the needs of pupils can be better met through collaborative networking.

For more informaton on the Champions programmes or to find out how to apply to become a champion please contact: aspensmile@whitfield.kent.sch.uk

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