What is 3DE Share?

An opportunity to bring together curious, passionate and brave colleagues from the Dover District education community (Dover, Deal, Sandwich and the outlying villages) who are able to share their ideas, thoughts and discoveries of their work in schools with each other; both online and at live events.

We would welcome ideas from any schools across the district – If you have something you have trialed successfully in school and would love colleagues to hear about, or know of a colleague who has developed something worth telling other schools about, please do be brave, don’t hide your light under a bushel, let it shine brightly for others to share!

There is an open invitation to come and listen to any subject of interest to you. At the scheduled event an invited speaker will talk for a maximum of 15 minutes on their chosen subject. If you come and listen you will be able to ask the speaker any questions following their talk. The speaker will be filmed (not the audience) and following the event the film will be uploaded to the Dover STLS website so that it can be shared with our colleagues across the district.

COVID-19 – We are not letting COVID-19 stop us! We are continuing with our 3DE videos, but without a live audience. So do please still let us know if you have ideas that could be shared.

3DE Videos – Click on the links below to watch our short videos

“Lenny & Lily – Wordless Stories” – Jenny Hawkes, Whitfield Aspen School, 21 Sept 2020: Watch the video of Jenny’s Presentation
“The Recovery Curriculum – SEN Class” – Katie Gibbs, Whitfield Aspen School, 8 July 2020 –  Watch the video of Katie’s presentation
“The Recovery Curriculum – Year 6”  – Karen Betts, Whitfield Aspen School, 8 July 2020 –  Watch the video of Karen’s Presentation
“Think, Feel, Behave: Equipping year 6 to become emotionally healthy” – Selina Yeoman, Hope Play Therapy, 20 April 2020 – Watch the Video
“Teaching Vocabulary” – Tamsin Hobbs, Kingsnorth School, 19 Sept 2019 – Watch the video of Tamsin’s presentation
“The Fundamentals of Effective Phonics” – Steph Savage, Kingsnorth School, 19 Sept 19: – Watch the video of Steph’s Presentation
“Effective De-escalation: How you respond to a pupil is the key to defusing a situation” – Andy Bennett, Elms School, 21 Mar 2019 – Watch the Video
“Sensory Integration: What is it and why do we need it?” – Beth Wakelin, Whitfield Aspen School, 3 Dec 18 – Watch the video of Beth’s presentation
“Working Memory” – Rose Cope, Kingsdown & Ringwould School, 12 July 2018 – Watch the video of Rose’s presentation
“How Schools can Support Children with Autism” – Jayden – Whitfield Aspen Pupil, 12 July 2018 – Watch the video of Jayden’s presentation
“A talk about Attention Autism” – Kate Greenstreet, Whitfield Aspen School, 14 June 2018 – Watch the video of Kate’s presentation
“Making the Most of Lunchtime” – Jenny Hawkes, Whitfield Aspen School, 3 May 2018 – Watch the video of Jenny’s presentation
“Run a Mile” –  Jon Wells, Guston School, 5 Feb 2018 – Watch the video of Jon’s presentation

Got an idea for a topic?

Contact Cathy Bolton on 01304 829846 or email Aspensmile@whitfield.kent.sch.uk

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