Course Description:

This attachment training package has been developed for schools by the Dover STLS. The package includes a video and a list of recommended resources including links to additional videos, extra reading and practical ideas for resources to use in your school.

The video is in two parts:

Part 1:          Delivered by Dr Claire Cahill from the Kent Educational Psychology Service. In it Claire explains about Attachment Theory and how a child with attachment difficulties might present in school.

Part 2:          Delivered by Beckie Davis, Specialist Support worker for the Dover STLS. In this section Beckie looks at tried and tested strategies and interventions that can be used to support children with attachment difficulties in school.

The package includes a follow-up session with a member of the STLS Team to discuss how the training has been implemented in school and to offer any further advice and support.

Cost: £45 per school

Attachment Training Flyer



To find out more about this training package:

For any further information please email aspensmile@whitfield.kent.sch.ui